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Our fishes are not the same with others!


Thank you for visiting Sushi to Sumi today!

Before you enjoy your meal, we would like you to know a little bit about the fish and rice we usually serve !!


The fresh fish we (Goodvibes Intl Pte Ltd.) import from is truly special and cannot be found in the central markets of Toyosu, Osaka, Fukuoka, etc., where most suppliers buy their fish.

The general fresh fish is taken by fishermen in various parts of Japan, purchased by middlemen at the markets there, shipped to the urban market (central market), purchased by the middlemen at the central market, and shipped to Singapore. The fish are handled as cold as possible, but because they are exposed to the air for longer periods of time and are not treated properly, they tend to lose their freshness, often smell bad when they arrive, and are often more expensive.

On the other hand, our fresh fish is prepared by our fishermen and brokers immediately after catchinging and purchasing, with as less stress on the fish as possible, including nerve-removing (Shinkeijime), ultimate Tsumoto-style blood removal (Tsumotoshiki), washing in cold water, and chilling. The fish arrives in Singapore in a truly fresh state and is shipped with the utmost passion/care and skill by the fishmongers (fishermen and local wholesalers) so that the fish can be aging and enjoyed. When the fish arrives in Singapore, there is almost no smell. This is proof of the freshness of the fish! And we have eliminated two intermediaries for purchasing.

Now, since we are here, let us introduce the Goodvibes Family (Partners) from around Japan!

Miyazaki Mr. Tsumoto (inventor of the Tsumoto method of ultimate blood removal (Tsumotoshiki)

Chiba/Choshi: Kenkayama Aminaka Akira Shoten (nerve-removing/Tsumotoshiki)

Yamaguchi/Shimonoseki: Uohana (nerve-removing, washed in water)

Hokkaido/Nemuro Maruyu Suzuki Shoten (Nerve-removing / Tsumotoshiki)

Yoriki Suisan, Sukumo, Kochi (Nerve-removing and washing in cold water)

Sea urchin (Uni) is purchased directly from Marukyo Suisan in Tomakomai, Hokkaido.

Fujiya Wasabi Farm: Japanese Royal family wanted wasabi from Azumino, Nagano

*Fresh wasabi is expensive and will be served only for dinner.

As you can see, Sushi to Sumi's sushi is made in front of you by skilled chefs using special ingredients and rice that is more special than that found in most sushi restaurants in Japan.

Experience the perfection of our sushi rice, crafted from a blend of two rice varieties. One of the two types of rice is sticky and flavorful. The other is rice, which has a low water content. These make the ideal sushi rice texture and deliciousness.

Enhanced with red vinegar using traditional methods, our sushi rice boasts a harmonious blend of umami, tastiness, and mellowness. 
Made using only vinegar and salt in a EDOMAE style, our sushi rice guarantees an authentic and delicious dining experience.

And since it does not use sugar, which is often used in sushi rice, it is also healthy!

Please enjoy Sushi to Sumi to your heart's content, even though your time is limited !!

Best fish ever?

Goodvibes Intl Pte Ltd
CEO Araya Yuichiro
*Photo (Araya)




私達Goodvibes Intl Pte Ltdが日本の産地から直接輸入している鮮魚は、一般的なサプライヤーが買付している、豊洲、大阪、福岡などの【中央市場】では中々買えない、本当に特別な物です。



では、せっかくなので日本各地のGoodvibes Family(出荷元)を紹介させていただきます!(写真は英文欄を御覧ください)

宮崎 津本さん(津本式究極の血抜き考案者!)

千葉/銚子 喧嘩山網中晃商店(神経〆/津本式究極の血抜き)

山口/下関 うお華(神経〆、水洗い)

北海道/根室 マルユ鈴木商店 (神経〆/津本式究極の血抜き)

高知/宿毛 与力水産(神経〆/水洗い)






Goodvibes Intl Pte Ltd
CEO 新谷 優一郎

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